Apps Show I'm Using Them When I'm Not

I got on the Google app recently and looked at my activity. It shows that I have been using apps that aren't even downloaded to my phone. For example, it shows that I have used the samsung messages app with an orange icon recently when my default messaging app is messages with a blue icon. It also showed that I had Duo downloaded and had two numbers blocked as well, and I hadn't even downloaded that app. What causes this and how can I fix it

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Re: Apps Show I'm Using Them When I'm Not
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Do you have a Samsung phone. I'm pretty sure Samsung preloads their own apps in the devices

Re: Apps Show I'm Using Them When I'm Not
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We want to make sure you find out where this usage is coming from. Are you sharing your Google Play/Google account email with any other device? Are these applications currently on your phone? What model phone do you have? We can help you find out what is going on with your activity.


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