Assurion Replacement Stopped Working
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I just ordered a replacement phone from Assurion. Mind you, Verizon you suck at Customer Service in this regard! There is NO WHERE on the site that says when I purchased my Device. Assurion should have this information. I pay them every month. Instead of paying the ridiculous high amount of a $150 deductible- this could have been handled through warranty. But, NOOOO Assurion and Verizon have no details of when the phone was purchased.

So, I got the replacement phone, and paid the $150 deductible (this is basically the price of a new phone at retail price even. you thieves. And I'm sure it only really cost only $20 to make). The phone is already BROKEN!. First, the swipe didn't work. Now, I can't even see anything at all on the Phone.

So, now I have to get ANOTHER new phone. And RE-DOWNLOAD all my Apps, cause they didn't come over to the Replacement phone Neither did my pictures. And my text messages are all lost. Verizon, you really suck right now, and Assurion is a JOKE!!!!

Oh- and also VERIZON your website SUCKS BAD. The hover over functionality is THE WORST. Can't even get to what you need to get to on the site. And I have to authenticate 3 separate ways EVERYTIME, I shouldn't have to do that, on the same computer.

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We never like hearing you are having troubles with your phone. Asurion replacements do have a 1 year warranty. If there is no physical or liquid damage the phone can be replaced through them at no additional charge. You can contact Asurion directly for replacement, there number is 888-881-2622.
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I'm calling you guys a liar right now seriously I cracked my screen and insurance is a piece of garbage. They don't cover any Google devices at all and when they send you a phone it's refurbished and not the real thing I'm still holding on to my old Google phone. And guess what The one they sent me that's refurbished is taller and narrower than my Google Pixel 4 XL that I got from you guys. Why are you even partnered with a scam insurance seriously they don't cover any Google devices at all I had to go into my Verizon store talk with a manager the manager had to call them and they seriously spit that dirt out even though I've been spending money for years on this insurance.

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You can contact Verizon about the phone being broken. Also....more likely than not the full retail price of the phone is much more than $150...the 2 year contract subsidized price may be that low but most smart phones full retail price range from $300 (and that may be low balling) to $949 or more. Just something to consider. If the issue with your phone was something that should have been covered under the one year manufacturers warranty you should not have filed an insurance claim for replacement, but if you had your device for more than a year (did you purchase from Verizon? If so, is the receipt not in your My Verizon account?) then yes, unfortunately you had to pay the deductible. How long have you had the replacement? Sorry if I missed that...but if it wasn't for long I would contact Verizon about it because they need to send you a replacement. Not sure how the terms work but it's possible that if a faulty replacement was sent to you they may send you another one without paying another deductible if troubleshooting can't fix the issue.