Asus ZenFone V - randomly returns to home screen

I recently picked up an Asus ZenFone V, and it seems to be having one major issue.  Any application that is running will randomly stop and the phone will return back to the home screen.  The application will still be available on the cached apps page, so it hasn't outright crashed.  Other people providing reviews of this phone on Verizon's website seem to be encountering the same problem.

I've tried doing a factory reset without installing any extra apps and the problem still persists.  Searching around online doesn't seem to provide any clear cut solutions either.  Has anyone else experienced this problem and been able to solve it? 

Aside from that I like this phone and I would hate to return it for another model.  Is this an issue that Verizon is aware of and will be addressing through an update?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Oh no! This awesome new phone shouldn’t be acting this way at all. We don’t have any reported known issues from Asus regarding apps running that will randomly return you to the home screen. All of your troubleshooting that you’ve done on your own is very much appreciated. I want to better understand what is happening so we can get this figured out. When you say that an app is running, can you please clarify what you mean by that? You mentioned that after the factory data reset that you didn’t install any extra apps. Does this mean that you only installed/downloaded the apps you had on the phone prior to the factory data reset & not any additional apps? Or does this mean that you didn’t install/download any apps at all after the factory data reset?




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I bought a Zenfone V yesterday and I have seen this happen.  I think what happens is that part of my hand brushes over the back of recent apps buttons: the buttons seem overly sensitive and weirdly placed and are sometimes triggered by my lower thumb or palm when I reach with my thumb towards the center of the screen.