Asus Zenfone V blue light filter not working
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The blue light filter setting/toggle in Quick Settings doesn't work.  When I tap the icon, it stays grey and the Quick Settings menu scrolls back up.  I've tried removing the blue light filter setting from Quick Settings then re-adding it with no resolution.  I've also turned off the display brightness auto-dimmer thinking that was causing a conflict.  Restarting the phone didn't work either.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Asus Zenfone V blue light filter not working
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Sorry to tell you but Asus phones suck. Have you ever heard of them before? there a reason. Cheap phones are cheap for a reason

Re: Asus Zenfone V blue light filter not working
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We understand how frustrating this situation could be, J_Stuart. Have you also attempted to Reset All Settings? Please keep in mind, this will reset any personalized settings, such as wallpaper, customer ringtones, and any other advanced settings.


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