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on 12/9/2020, My husband and I went to Cellular Sales in Seabrook, NH that was initially to have someone look at my mother's phone that was having substantial issues. While they were working on that issue, we were browsing and looking at the newest phones. The gentleman assisting us was Ben Wallace. He told us that there were holiday promotions being offered on select phones and  would be more than happy to help us pick out new phones. There was a BOGO promotion and he conveniently told us that there was no new line required.  It was available on the Samsung galaxy s20, a Motorola edge + and I believe on the Apple I12 phone.  Ben happened to have Motorola edge + on his desk that he allowed customers to play around with (which ended up being the phone he gave me ). We agreed to the BOGO on the Motorola edge+. We were assured that we qualified for this promotion, we would not need to add any new lines, and the change could be made using our existing phone numbers. We were also told we qualified for a FREE tablet, but NO added line (we told him we did not want a new line when we could use wifi). I owed 1 payment on my galaxy s9 that I wanted to trade in for $113.00 credit and I had $20 or $30 in device dollars I wanted to use.  We were told it would be $43.12 for BOTH phones.  All paperwork and contracts were done electronically and could be viewed by logging into my Verizon Wireless account.  I got the emails and saved them in my important documents so I could have them if needed.  Ben Wallace had gone over everything in just intricate detail, we were confident in our transaction and that we got an amazing deal on our new phones.

When I got my first phone bill 2 weeks later, our phone bill was over $1,000. No promotional credit, tons of service fees, activation fees nor was my device dollars applied. There was also a new line added to my account we DID NOT want for the tablet . We were perfectly fine with using it over wifi . So my first call was to VZ wireless C/S in 12/20. The rep stated that any promotional credits take time and she talked me into removing all of the extra "add on" features including the mo. warranty plan which added up to more than $35 extra per month and gave us a credit for all of the activation fees. At this time, I was very leery about cancelling the warranty, but we were given the liquid screen protector, so I agreed and I was told I could re-add the protection plan at any time.  That day,  I was credited activation fees and other fees we were charged. I was told that the promotional credit takes 1-2 billing cycles, so I should see it on my Jan 2021 statement-or no later than Feb. It's now MAY and I am still being charged the $87.00 per month for 2 phones.  I have opened 2 complaints with cellular sales and they are telling me that I may not even qualify because I needed to open the new line with one of the phones, not a tablet to qualify.  This is absolute garbage.  This is not the terms we were swindled with that evening.   I have made calls to Verizon who tell me to go to Cellular Sales, I go to cellular sales and am told the bogo is from Verizon they just are an authorized dealer, to go back to Verizon. I go to Verizon, they tell me to go back to where I bought the phones.  It is RIDICULOUS!!! This went on for months. I opened a complaint with Cellular Sales main Customer service number, around 4/6/2021 with a rep named James.  Was advised 7 to 10 days and he would escalate my complaint since it had been 4 months w/no resolution.. Called again last week, since nearly a month had gone by and not a single word from anyone.  I spoke to Rachel at cellular sales customer service, who was to expedite it as well since there is no record of complaint or claim being opened when I spoke to James on 4/6/2021.   I asked to have it brought to a supervisor. I keep getting told it will be a few more days, and it has been MONTHS., The only paperwork I have on the entire transaction is the $33.00 receipt from my pay off made that evening and the receipts/contract documents were emailed to me. All the documents were in my Verizon wireless account and suddenly I cannot access them for what ever reason. I have the original email that says to view our documents to log in to my Verizon wireless account. When I do, the documents cannot be found, WHY? I have seen hundreds of similar complaints as well as a class action lawsuit in another states for the exact same issue. You are ripping off customers and making thousands if not millions of dollars on a bogus scheme.   I am disabled and on the kidney transplant list, so I NEED access to a phone at all times. what is worse is the fact that I paid for a liquid screen protector for both phones that was like $50+ and I dropped my phone once and the screen broke. Apparently, we were supposed to get the package it came in. so we can register the liquid screen protector with the SKU, so if it failed we could get our phone repaired at no charge. Funny, we never got the packaging. Now it overheats and gets very hot to the touch when using or charging and Verizon convinced me to remove the warranty to help lower my bill.  Now, I am stuck paying for 2 phones costing $2,000.00, a broken phone I cannot have repaired and in order to get another phone, I would have to add another line and pay for another device.  Just a scam all the way around and they keep getting away with it.