BYOD Deal Issues

I purchased a Sony Xperia 5 III with the intention of taking advantage of the BYOD program. I went to activate it at a Verizon store, where I inquired about how to redeem the BYOD deal, since details are sparse online. I was told that after activating the device, I did not need to do anything more and that after the device was active for 45 days, I would receive my $350 of credit. However, It has now been more than 45 days and I have yet to see any credit or notification. Any help I could get on redeeming my BYOD deal would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: BYOD Deal Issues
Customer Service Rep

We want to do all we can to help sort this out, SkiFans99. While the 45-day timeline is correct, it is necessary for you to take action to redeem the rebate promotion. To get a better look, we are sending a private note.