Backup Assistant - Contacts Lost - Restoration Needed
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How do I restore the Verizon contacts to my Moto G5 Plus (Android 8.1.0 - Oreo)?   In my text messages I see phone numbers when I previously had seen names.   In late July 2020 I resolved this issue by tapping the Verizon "Backup+ Contacts" icon which triggered  a text message from 6200.  When I now launch this app, it briefly shows "Backup Assistant Plus - Contacts" just before it crashes.  Its version number is

When I purchased this phone, all of my phone numbers from my previously smartphone were in Verizon.  During the early life of my current phone I noticed that when I created contacts, it would be saved to Google.  I did not see an option to save it to Verizon.  

When I looked at the Google Play Store today, I could not find the Verizon Backup Assistant icon.  I did see Verizon Cloud.   Why should I pay to access my Contacts?


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BuffaloJack, we certainly want you to be able to restore your contacts. If you do not see Backup Assistant Plus in the Google Play Store it means it is not compatible. The contacts that were backed up they can be restored via Verizon Cloud. Check out more details here