Being monitored?

Ive noticed that a few apps will be in the recent tasks tab even though I haven't used them. My boyfriend has recently became increasingly paranoid about spy apps and started researching on how to's for android,  etc. I'm thinking he's installed spyware on my phone. Is there a for sure way to tell and how do I remove it and protect against future attempts to monitor my phone.

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Re: Being monitored?
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I’m a firm believer in keeping control over what’s running on my phone, Ashley8564. I’ve seen the same thing you have, too, where there are recent apps open that I have not opened. You came to the right place for the answers. With Android, you can view all installed apps by going to the main settings app itself. From there, click on either Apps or App Manager. Depending on your software version, you may have both options (clicking Apps will lead you to the option to click App Manager). The page that loads displays all installed apps. You can delete, disable, and / or uninstall those you do not want. Clicking into each one will open up other control and permissions options, again depending on the software version. Does this help set your mind at ease about how and where to find what’s running on your phone, and what’s installed on it?




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