Browser problems

I keep getting an error of "an embedded page at says" and it claims I have won an iPhone, MacBook Pro or IPad, and it loops continually. When I try to opt out, it comes back. I went to  Verizon store, they said since I was using MSN as a browser, I should just stop that, that maybe Verizon and MSN are in it to get pop ups to sell crap on my phone. They said I should use ABC, or NBC, or Google,  or MSNBC until the pop ups start on them. This is very irritating, it mentions I won this on my Verizon account. I looked on the internet, this is widespread on Verizon LG phones, Samsung phones, computers and all sorts of things. If Verizon can't help me get rid of this, maybe I should just get rid of Verizon. Can anybody help me?


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Re: Browser problems
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uninstall any app you had downloaded and not getting used. its a third party app is causing issue which you might had downloaded in past or you might had visited a web page which is corrupted.

clear cashed then

clear memory

then reboot