Call Filter Free App on Android - Does it Work?
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I'm a Verizon Prepaid Customer on an LG V30 running Android 9.  I when into Google Play and enabled the Verizon Call Filter App and updated it. It shows it is version 10.3.2 2020-03-31.  The spam filter is enabled.  

When I try a test call using a Google Voice number and call my phone, the normal incoming call notification appears and shows Anonymous.  I also tried calling from another Google Voice number that I have a contact associated with and same thing, just the normal stock incoming call notification. When I look at recent activity in the Call Filter App, there is none for any of these incoming calls.

Does it shows the incoming caller only when it suspects it is a spam caller or is it suppose to show all incoming calls?  Because if it is the latter, the app is essentially not working even though it shows it is enabled.  It shows I'm subscribed to the Call Filter Free.

Re: Call Filter Free App on Android - Does it Work?
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Hello, Consultant1027. The Call Filter app is a great way to monitor your calls. When it detects a spam call, it will say Potential Spam. To clarify, are you asking if it blocks all incoming calls that are not in your contact list? CourtneyM_VZW