Call Forwarding Not Working on Moto One Action
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I have a Moto One Action phone that I am very happy with.  I am with Verizon Prepaid.  I have been with Verizon cellular for the better part of 30 years. 

I am having one problem with my phone.  When I try and use the CALL FOWARING feature (*72 plus 10 digits), I get the following message:  "Call forwarding function is not allowed while roaming".  I am in my home city where I have lived for 71 years. I have talked to level one and two tech support at Verizon and tech support at Motorola.  No one can solve the problem.  I asked to speak with level 3 tech support and Verizon said someone would contact me within 48-72 hours.  I never heard back from Verizon. 

Anyone out there have any idea why I am getting this message when I try and utilize call forwarding?  

Thank you, 

Steven Meyer



Re: Call Forwarding Not Working on Moto One Action
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Thank you for letting us know about the issue with Call Forwarding and the situation. We'd be glad to help look into it and get some answers. Please send us a Private Message to continue. 


Re: Call Forwarding Not Working on Moto One Action
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Motorola One Action
Model: XT2013-4
Android 10, kernel 4.14.113-user+, build QSBS30.121-12-12-10
Verizon prepaid, 5GB/month

This phone with this service does not display voicemail notifications. Out of the box without any other apps, no notifications are displayed when a voicemail is waiting. In case it was the phone itself, I replaced it and then new unit has the same problem.

In an attempt to get around the problem, setting up third-party voicemail apps such as Google Voice result in the error "Call forwarding function is not allowed while roaming". This occurred with another app and also when setting up call forwarding by itself (for the sake of testing). Needless to say, I am not roaming when trying to use these apps and features.

The one thing not tested is whether using an annual plan rather than prepaid would enable the nonfunctioning apps/features. As you might guess, I am a very light data user. Tripling my monthly cost is not a reasonable solution.