Call audio quality is gone – unusable

Why is my call audio quality gone?  What happened to Verizon Wireless?  I don’t understand.  I have an Android phone - Galaxy S7 Edge.  My work uses iPhone 7s Plus phones … lots of them.  All of us are now experiencing unacceptable call quality. It seems this has nothing to do with hardware.  Call audio drops out.  You hear every other word or so.  All of us at work are experiencing the problem.   All the time.  Every call. I would like an explanation as to what is going on.  Our phones cannot really be used anymore.  I cannot make out what people are saying.  Now what?  Does everyone really have to switch to another carrier?  Do I have to sell all my Verizon phones on eBay?  Your service is horrible (not customer service – they are fine).  Why don’t our phones work anymore?  Is this a local problem in NJ?  What is going on?  You have to be aware of this.  Do you intend to fix this????????