Calling problems HTC One M7

I have had a Verizon HTC One M7 for a number of years. I love the phone but it recently died. I have another Verizon HTC One M7, so I dropped the SIM card into the other HTC One M7 and it works great...  It is always on "DATA" and never on "WIRELESS. 

No matter where I am at, DATA and TEXTING always work. However, I can make and receive phone calls while at home, but cannot always make and receive calls while at work, which is 25 miles form my home. When at work, I either get a very weak signal and can sometimes can make calls. Other times it will not connect and it says "Call has been lost (due to fade or no service). I know I have service because sometimes I will be able to make a call at work.  I'm not sure if my network and or CMDA settings are correct and that may be causing the problems. Currently, it is set to "GLOBAL NETWORK" and the CMDA is vzwinternet???

Any ideas?


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Re: Calling problems HTC One M7
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Hello there TKS1! We are concerned to learn that you are having some trouble with your device but we are here to help. Do you have any issues when in other locations besides your work? How far away do you have to be before the signal improves? Are you only having issues when indoors at these locations?