Can I swap phones every day?


I'm on a family beyondunlimited plan.

I have a Note 4 with a Micro SIM card that I currently use with this plan. It is my only phone right now.

I don't have access to the account- I don't have the PIN, I can't log in to verizon online (verizon's "my account" etc.), I can't change the details of the plan, etc. I don't want to do any of that anyway.

My question is:

Can I change phones (that I have purchased from ebay, borrowed from friends/family, etc.) as often as I want?

For instance, say I want to buy something like a Note 8, an Essential Phone PH1, an LG V30, an Asus Z8s tablet, etc. (all with clean IMEIs, ready for activation)

Can I just swap the SIM card from phone to phone, and get all of the normal service, without changing anything on the account?

that is:

Monday use the Note 8

Tuesday use the PH1

Wednesday use the V30

Thursday go back to the Note 4


I understand that I need to get a Nano SIM card instead of the current Micro SIM card that I have.

I tried doing this recently at a store (with the account holder's permission at the time) and it was a headache because the new device was not Verizon-specific. I left without getting the Nano SIM activated (in hindsight I wish I had asked them to activate it with my current verizon Note 4).

Can I just cut down the Micro SIM card into a Nano SIM by myself at home so I don't need to mess with that again? I have read conflicting things about that working/not working depending on use case


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Re: Can I swap phones every day?
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Being able to change your phone everyday can be nice Sethb. I know I would like the change time to time. If you have your phone activated now and the SIM card is compatible then you should just move it to the other phone as long as it is Verizon Wireless capable. If you need to change to a different SIM card then we would need to get involved or you do need access to the account so you can make the change on the website. Does this provide clarity? 


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Re: Can I swap phones every day?
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You will need an adapter for the different SIM card sizes.

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