Can not hang up a dropped phone call on messages+
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Just found out my Galaxy Tab A can make phone calls using the Messages+ app on WiFi.  This is nice for when my tablet is in hand and my phone is somewhere else. Though now it suddenly rings with incoming calls which is OK also (I assume there's a way to shut this off if someone doesn't like it).  My problem occured when an incoming call got dropped (not sure which end dropped but both ends were Verizon customers) and the remote caller redialed me and I answered a second time and they indicated that the phone call was dropped but at the end of the call I could not end the call in any way.  I kinda think the call that was not ending was the dropped call and the new call was handled on a "call waiting" function.  The other person ended the call and my screen on the tablet reverted to the original call that dropped and it remained on the active call screen.  Pressing the red "end" had no effect.  Force closing the app had no effect.  I could only reboot the tablet to clear the call.  I feel this calling feature in messages+ is a new feature (maybe I'm not paying attention) so maybe this is a bug?

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Re: Can not hang up a dropped phone call on messages+
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Being able to make and answer calls on the tablet can be super convenient, as you’ve already found, QBOY61. While the function itself is not new, you’ve already pointed out that it’s new to you on this tablet. You came to a great place for tips and tricks. Now that you know of the feature, we’d like to show you how to do the initial activation. This will ensure proper functionality of Message+ on the tablet. First, uninstall the Message+ app (or uninstall updates, whichever option is available on your tablet) by following these steps: Next, power the tablet down for about two minutes, and power it back up. This page shows the process to follow to ensure you get full function from the calling feature in Message+. Be sure to let us all know how this works for you.