Can't direct bill from Play Store.. AGAIN...
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I've been direct billing Google Play Music and Pandora for nearly three years. It seems every time I replace the phone, I run into this issue. I can't be the only one that is going through this issue ever, yet Verizon seems to think it's Google and Google seems to think it's Verizon. I have done anything and everything out there. I have deleted my phone number as a payment method. But when I go back into payment options to add my number back as a payment option, my phone number is not a choice. It only shows a gift card, credit card, or a bank account. However when I open payment methods, before going into more payment options, Verizon billing is a choice. I select it and I click enable. I keep getting a response that says my account is ineligible for direct billing and to contact my carrier. I have tried all these things via the app on my phone, via my laptop going to pay. On network. On Wi-Fi. 90 minutes on the phone today with Verizon, and 30 with Google Play. Both are telling me they have a "ticket" open and will get back to me anywhere from 4 to 72 hours between the two of them.

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Re: Can't direct bill from Play Store.. AGAIN...
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6speed8, I understand how not being able to direct bill can cause a bit of a concern. Let's work to get to the bottom of this. I have sent you a private message to further assist with the issue.


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