Can't talk on phone/dropped calls

My husband has been a Verizon customer for 20 years.  He talked me into leaving Cricket and adding my son and I to his Verizon plan at the end of March.  It has been nothing but a nightmare ever since.
We purchased all new phones.  From the day we brought the home, we have not been able to talk on the phones if we are inside our house (we thought the metal roof may be interfering with the service).  So we only use our phones - to run our business - if we are standing outside on the porch or in the driveway.  Minor inconvenience, and frustrating since my husband's prior Verizon phone worked just fine inside the house.

Then the call quality began to diminish.  I would be standing in one spot on our porch having a conversation, and the party on the other end would report that my voice would become "garbled" or sound "robotic" or would disappear altogether, although I could still hear them clearly.  This began happening with all three phones.  The sound quality can be corrected by shifting direction to the left or right by sometimes a matter of inches, but sometimes requires walking half way across the property (we have ten acres).  This has increased to the point that it happens appx every 45 seconds during a phone call.
All three phones drop calls multiple times during conversations.  I have made it my policy, after the third dropped call, to text my customers, apologize profusely and tell them I will email them any pertinent information.  My friends and family have just given up talking to me on the cell phone - it is more frustrating for them than it is for me.  The standard joke has become "...and you're're back....stand right there...ok I can hear you - and, you're gone again...".

Even though we have an unlimited plan, searching anything on the internet is spotty at best.  Speeds are ridiculously slow if the web pages will even connect.  This was never an issue with my husband's prior phone.  Even though we purchased a jetpack, I have had to purchase wireless internet through another provider since Verizon is unreliable and slow - when it works at all.
We have attempted to call Verizon to fix the problem multiple times, however, as the technicians can't hear us, the call is disconnected and nothing is resolved.  We have been to the store where we bought the phones from.  My husband drove to the store, and I stayed home so that the Verizon employee could hear what was happening.  "Oh wow, that sucks" is not the response we were expecting.  Nor was the explanation that there are too many people trying to use the network.  I pay for a service - I pay A LOT for a service - that I am not receiving, nor have I been receiving for four months.

I have google searched every possible solution (I see that the "unlimited" plan has ruined everyone's service).  If anyone has a last-ditch suggestion for us to try, we would love to hear it.  Otherwise, I will chalk this up to a $2k lesson (the cost of the phones) and I will look into switching to AT&T (who my bff uses, and has NEVER had an issue with in this area).

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Re: Can't talk on phone/dropped calls
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This is certainly not the experience we want you to have and we absolutely wouldn't want to lose you. What's the zip code for the problem location? Also, what model of phones are we working? Are you aware if HD Voice is enabled on your devices? If so, disable and test for calling improvement.


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