Can't use card on my account

So. I've been with Verizon less than a month. My bill is due in less than 5 days. I have no way of paying it. I've, "exceeded the amount of times I can use a card on this account," is the normal message I get. I've been told to wait 24 hours multiple times so that I can add my card. I've done that 3 times. I've been told by two different reps that they would call me back, "after the 24 hour period," which they haven't, and I've also been told to go to the store to pay my bill. Guess what? I was also told that the store doesn't accept payments anymore, and I have to do it via on the app, online, or over the phone, which none of them work. I've had a case made, which no one seems to know about. How do I pay my bill? I've been with Verizon for less than a month, and if I can't pay my bill, I lose phone service. I just want to add my card onto my account so I can pay my bill.

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Re: Can't use card on my account
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sphinx855, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Making sure you are able to process your payment is important. Allow us the opportunity to review. Have you tried a different form of payment and received the same experience? What happens when you try to process your payment by following this link