Cannot Disable 5G - Extremely Poor Service
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I live very close to New York City. In 2011 I was an early adopter of 4G LTE. I got 50Mbps download speeds at the time, a solid 15X improvement from the earlier CDMA network.

Now I've purchased a Moto G Stylus 5G 2022 model from Verizon. On this absolutely horrendous, terrible 5G network, I get 10Mbps download speeds and insane lag that causes websites to take 30+ seconds to merely establish a connection. On the rare occasion my phone miraculously switches to LTE, I get over 100Mbps download speeds. But on the brand new 5G network that was shoved down our throats with countless of millions of dollars in advertisement and manipulation, I get one fifth the speeds I got on the 4G network when it first rolled out over 10 years ago.

No big deal, right? I wouldn't care if I could just use 4G, and stop this 5G power hog from draining my battery for garbage performance.

Except, when you dial *#*#4646#*#* to change network settings, Verizon has gone out of their way to disable the ability to select your preferred network, for no conceivable reason whatsoever.

Why does Verizon hate their customers? It's OK with me that your 5G network is borderline unusable. Why on earth would you disable the built in functionality of the phone to select my preferred network? Please listen to your loyal paying customers and your own common sense. I'm not sure how much longer people will tolerate these kinds of antics.