Cannot Order a New Phone
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I have spoken to 4 different agents over the past week and been on hold for multiple hours over the course of trying to resolve an issue that is Verizon’s fault. I have currently been on hold for 40 minutes as of typing this.

On Saturday, November 28th, I ordered a new S20 from Samsung’s website and selected Verizon financing. On the 29th, I received an order cancelation email.


I tried to order a new phone directly through Verizon and received an error message on my account. After 2 hours of being on hold and speaking to 2 representatives, I was finally told the pending order would take 2-3 business days to be removed from my account.

I tried to order today (December 5th - over 5 business days later) and received the same error message. I call customer support and after being on hold for 20 minutes, the lady I was connected to also could not place my order and transferred me to a different department that could “magically” get past this error message. I have been on hold for 40 minutes since then waiting for this department.

Verizon canceled my first order and Verizon LIED and said it would be removed within 3 business days and now I have been STUCK ON HOLD. All I want to do is order a new phone for my other line since the first order was canceled.

I have been an active number with Verizon for 13 years. I am ready to return my new iPhone 12 and cancel service entirely over the sheer incompetence that has been displayed here.

I want this resolved immediately and am considering filing a complaint/small claims lawsuit.

Has anyone else had this error happen before and how did you resolve it?

Re: Cannot Order a New Phone
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Many, many people have experienced the incompetence of Verizon's customer "service".  I would recommend one of two things.  Either one should help you get things resolved:

1)  Ask for a manager and explain all you've been through;  do not remain with the first person who takes your call.  You need a supervisor/manager!


2) Ask for "Customer Retention Dept." - tell them what you have experienced and that you are prepare to leave Verizon.  They should resolve your problem.  Good luck!