Cart doesnt work properly Offers not shown
Enthusiast - Level 2

So I have a offer to upgrade my samsung phone for $300 No tradin.

I click on that get another offer to tradein for $200

So I add the suggested phone to the cart.

It says details of the offer will be in cart well thats blatantly untrue .

On estimate bill it shows a one time credit for $16 plus the monthly fee wheres the $300 credit promised.


Apparently the free upgrade to a g5 phone with a $800 credit doesn't apply to my phone. 


At the bottom it says to start a tradein I try that it tells me the phone cant be traded it. Yet its already told me I could get $200 on another screen.   This is the worst system I have ever seen.

If you try to call in it tells you to go use this easy to use app this app is garbage. It cant even add where and how do I get the $300 upgrade credit?