Change Verizon Secret Question?
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Is there any way to change the secret questions?  The few choices given do not apply to my life and I fear I will forget what I was forced to put just to create my account here.

This is very annoying because we've been doing secret questions for a long time now and most have figured out that it is a good idea to allow at least 1 option to define your own question that actually applies because you could never just assume 5 simple questions will apply to everyone in the world.

Sure I can write it down but that defeats the purpose of a secret question of which I should readily know the answer to because it actually applies to my life experiences.  Let's strive for good UE please. TY

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Re: Change Verizon Secret Question?
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You make an excellent point, pingram3541. I’ve seen sites such as you describe, which allow the creation of at least one customized question. I am submitting feedback to the site team here, and encourage you to do the same. Here’s how. When viewing the page where you can change your secret question, look for a Feedback “button” on the right side. You may have to click in and out of the page in order to see this button. When clicking, it will open up a feedback channel which leads directly to the site team. You can input your feedback there. Thank you for letting us know how we can make things better for you.




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