Checking Server before you can text.

In July 2018, I had to reset my phone. I was locked out, thanks to an app that was suppose to protect me from others getting in!! Anyway, ever since the reset when I click on a person to start a text message too I have to wait and wait for it to Check Server. And it is almost every time now. This is a huge inconvenience and aggravation. I am seeing others with this same issue so obviously Verizon needs to be looking into it. Has a fix been made yet? My phone is up to date on all updates.

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Re: Checking Server before you can text.

apps that monitor the battery, protect you, ad nauseum are more trouble than they're worth.

as long as you're connected to google you should be able to message & email.....some other issues/apps are the problem.

Re: Checking Server before you can text.
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We are here to assist, BCLUVBC. I know it's certainly important to be able to get into messages quickly. What app are you referring to that was monitoring your phone/causing issues originally? Are you still using that application? 

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