City and state wrong under my IP address

Recently my IP address, city and state have been coming up wrong on my Moto G7 power. It will show my location a state or two away from where I'm actually at. Previously, it showed I was in Nevada and now showing im in New Mexico (I'm actually in AZ). I haven't been anywhere but home in AZ. It's becoming a bit annoying since I use location so, I'm having to go in and change it. How can I fix it so it doesn't change?

Re: City and state wrong under my IP address
Customer Service Rep

Yolie333, this certainly is something that would become troublesome when using your location services. Let's get to the bottom of this. You mentioned that this began recently, do you recall adding any new apps, games or software to the phone recently? When going to the Settings, is Wi-Fi on or off? If it is on, when you slide Wi-Fi off and the Cellular Data on, does your location accurately display? LorenB_VZW