Connectivity Issues: Android Pie on Xiaomi Mix Mix 2s

Hi - I have a Xioami Mi Mix 2s. It had been working normally prior to receiving the Android Pie update that rolled out this week to the phone. Now, before you start raging at me, I know this is not a Verizon phone. I did not buy it from Verizon. It supports every single band Verizon uses, it supports CDMA, 1xRTT, LTE, everything. This phone worked for several months on the old software version, but is not working now.

I called support tonight and got a nice lady that worked with me for a bit, but I could tell almost every bit of information I was giving her was over her head. To be clear, I make Android software for devices, I know how to get into the diagnostic menus, and I have an extremely strong understanding of all the technology that makes the phones work, the network itself work, and how the interact from debugging Android builds for years.

While she did make an honest effort to assist the call ended with her suggesting that I purchase a new device, even though the one I am righting about is less than 3 months old. I have found forum posts indicating that others with this device had someone in Tier 2 or Tier 3 support changing settings on the provisioning on their device to match settings for a One Plus device.

Can someone from Verizon please comment here, I'm happy to provide pretty much any information you want to know from the device to try to resolve these problems. The device is amazing and I know Verizon has the best network, I want to continue to be a Verizon customer, I have no interest in purchasing another device (I have a Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 XL, Galaxy S9, and several other older devices that I could use, but I want to use this one).

What I am seeing is that the device will connect (sometimes for hours) to LTE, but will drop calls (even when on VOLTE, with full bars LTE) and act like the radio has been reset. Sometimes it jumps back to LTE and VOLTE, most of the time then it gets stuck starting to connect and shows 1xRTT and or EVDO coverage for a seconds to a minute and then it disconnects again, starting the process over. It has sat stuck in this connecting process for as long as 3 hours without ever actually connecting for a prolonged period of time.

This started after the Android PIE update, but that software update also included settings from the manufacturer that attempt to negotiate VOLTE automatically. I couldn't even get the device to connect on LTE at all until I manually toggled that off, but I can turn it on manually from another menu and it will show that it is connected to LTE/VOLTE.

In short, I'm kind of out of ideas, and I need someone who is willing to try to help from Verizon. My only remaining step is to enable system level radio debugging and start looking at what's causing the radio resets, which I have not done yet because only a few minutes generates hundreds of megs of logs on every device I've tried this on in the past.

Verizon, please help.

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I completely understand wanting to use the device of your choosing, and we certainly want to take all steps possible to ensure that you can. The resources we have provide us with the capability to troubleshoot certain devices, and the Mi Mix 2s is not among them.

I can understand your concerns about this, especially after the device was working for some time prior to the update. As this is a device not sold or supported by Verizon, our technical support cannot provide insight as to why the recent update has caused it to become unusable for you. If the device's IMEI is returned as compatible with the following link: Bring Your Own Phone or Device - BYOD | Verizon Wireless

...but remains unable to be activated, my best recommendation is to reach out to the manufacturer, as the Android 9 update would have been filtered through them before reaching your phone. I hope this helps.

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