Corrupted Samsung SD Card in Moto Z Force

I have a 256gb Samsung SD card that I'm trying to use with my Moto Z Force and when I insert it in my phone it says it's corrupted, I format it for portable storage and it works, but when my phone is restarted it says it's corrupted again and I have to reformat it.  I've tried to formatting it on my computer and when I insert it into my phone it says it's not supported.  When I use a SanDisk 16gb it works, is there a certain way I should format it on my computer?  I formatted it as exFat, the only other option was NTFS, is it supposed to be the NTFS?

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That is a good question, IMJMIESLV72. It's important to us that you are able to use the SD card to its full capability and I am happy to help.

We have researched this for you and it does appear that the exFat is the main option to format the SD card. Just for clarification, does the phone have the most recent software update? Have you received this error message since the moment you purchased the SD card? Please provide a few additional details and we will be ready to continue helping.

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