My toddler dropped my s7 Edge that I have only had for 3 months 😞 The top of my screen is cracked. I did not have it in a case due to my phone not taking a charge to my charger all week. (Only way it would charge would be on wireless charger. I spoke with a few at verizon... no one could figure out why.)  The crack is affecting my front camera but other than that it's fine. I know my phone is still under warranty and I also have Asurion insurance. I have read there's a deductible of $199? I hate that if it is true.  Would I get any of that back or just be out that much money on a phone I am still paying on each month??

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Re: Cracked
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that deductible is final. considerate it as investment to last the duration of contract. im sad you had it happen.i have a s7edge too. the phone is almost non usable in that defense is a case next time to remove as charging. better to have it safe until its in your hands. thats the 23rd time in a week of cracked screens. i dont want to be next.i have 22 months to go. i will not risk w.o case. i have insurance, lesser deductible, and covers screens. got from Samsung. you will find out when you call asurion about deductible. let us know outcome.