Custom Canned Easy Text

LG G4 so I understand this can be done on the stock text message app.

But I want to know (and how) Using the Verizon Message+ app can I create a custom easily repeatable text message?

It looks like it can be done as an auto-reply but I don't want anything auto....I will contact many (new) customers to and from a masked caller ID (for privacy) and short of just having something saved on the clipboard, I want to have (in as few taps as possible) a saved custom text that is easily sent, instead of having to type out the same message over and over.

Or would it be easier to just have the message copied in the clipboard...for easy pasting?

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Re: Custom Canned Easy Text
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A possible alternative answer:  If you press and hold on a text you have sent previously, you can save the text and paste to a new message