Customer Service

Let me start off by saying that all Verizon customer service reps are not as terrible as the ones that I have encountered in the past few days. I called Verizon on Monday inquiring about upgrading and adding a new line to my existing service. I was quoted a price and was informed that the representative would call me back the next day, so that my husband and I could decide if we wanted to move forward. Next day arrives and we never hear from the rep. I called back and after being on hold for 40+ minutes, I spoke with another rep with no knowledge or notes about the information from the previous day. She also sounded like she was simply reading off of a sheet of paper. After going in circles, I requested to speak with the supervisor. The supervisor called back outside of the time window that she was supposed and was audacious enough the have an attitude. She was rude, condescending, and inept.She simply blamed the reps prior to her of not knowing what they are doing! I finally had enough and ended the call. Because I have been with Verizon since they were AirTouch and am a fan of the service. I decided to call and find out how to contact customer service. I spoke with Markesi from AZ who assured me that she could help because she does not want customers to hang or leave unsatisfied! She was very patient, sweet,  and knowledgeable.  I wish that there were more reps like her. She went above and beyond to make sure that I was receiving the best deal for the services that I requested. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to disconnect the phone and called back after work. This time I spoke with Shannon from MN. She was also fantastic, kind, and helpful. I normally do not leave comments, but I feel like these two young women deserve recognition for their work. In reality, they saved the company a customer. I am not sure what kind of training or customer service skills are taught to the employees, but my first encounters were horrible and my advice would be to make sure they act like they half way enjoy their jobs. I wish I could remember their names, but I cannot at this moment.  Good customer service is  must!