DATA issues

ok so I've got some major issues going on with Verizon. Firstly my husband's phone hasn't worked since August 21st. We contacted Verizon on the 22nd and every day since then. We have been hung up on, lied to, pushed and shoved around and I've even been cussed out. We had an NRB ticket submitted August 22 for the technical issues going on. Which are no data, no service. Initially it was like a switch being flipped on and off every 5-15 minutes. From 1 bar 3g, 2 bar 4g, but mainly no service and 1 bar. Every time i have called i get rude customer service. Like they are horrible and just don't want to do their respective jobs. Before all this happened we had always had perfect signal in this same exact locations. But its honestly like Verizon packed up and left and just didn't care to inform their customers. We have been told that it is a tower down, we are roaming, we are connect to an AT&T tower, we are being bounced to a tower over an our away, that it is the Sim Card, that it's a panel on a tower. We cant get a straight answer to save our lives.. I'm sick of it and we are about to leave Verizon for good.. BTW this is Central Georgia area. 31061 (milledgeville)

Re: DATA issues
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Were you able to get any help or have you decided to switch? I am in the same situation and unfortunately, I will probably switch to another carrier after using Verizon for over 2 years.