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I have had my account for over a year and have never been close to my data usage.  All of the sudden I am at nearly 6 GB of usage 8 days after my normal billing cycle?  How is that possible?

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You may have an app that's running in the background. Do you turn your phone off daily? Or did you download a new app recently? Try going into settings then data usage or mobile data. You should see your data usage there and the apps that make up that usage.

Re: Data usage
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I've seen this question come up often. One thing I always suggest to friends is to make sure apps are not set to auto update... or auto update on Wi-Fi only.

Update downloaded apps - Google Play Help

Re: Data usage
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RICLOV68, this is definitely concerning to hear as we always want you to be in the know of how the data is being used. Help is here. Radgatt and bd94s10, thanks so much for your awesome input. RICLOV68, please be sure to check out their recommendations as they are correct. Also, please be sure to check out your data utilization tool via your My Verizon to see what categories your device’s usage fell in. Click here. util* Please be sure to check under number 2 in the General Information section for instructions to access it.

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