Defective Return Device Lost

My name is Nakita Neal, my account# is 0523680480-00001, and I have been a faithful verizon customer for well over 8 years. My son's LG V40 ThinQ Blue phone started malfunctioning and we filed a claim for replacement. We were told after extensive tests, that the phone was defected due to software malfunctions and would be replaced at no charge as opposed to being filed under the normal claim process. So an order for a replacement for was placed on 7/11/20 (order# 960670, location code Q342002) and was received at my previous address at 7907 Niemann Drive Louisville, KY, 40291 on 7/13/20 at 11:05am via FedEx. 

We were in the process of moving to current address: 10716 Copper Ridge Drive Louisville, KY 40241 and as a result our son exceeded the 15 days and was late sending the defected phone back in. I received a text message 7/21/20 stating that you had not received the defective device and to do so to avoid being charge full price. I immediately confirmed with my son that he forgot to return the defective device with everything going on with the move. I then called Verizon that same day on 7/21/20 and explained what happened and was advised by the representative that we could take the defective device to the nearest verizon store or return it via UPS.  I advised that we would be able to take the phone in that weekend to the nearest verizon store. We took the phone to the Verizon store on Hurstborne  in Louisville, KY and was advised by the store rep that they were unable to take the return device there as UPS does not pick up at their location but he taped up the box and printed the UPS label but failed to affix it to the box and advised us to take it to the UPS store in the same shopping center. 

We went to this UPS store and they were closed due to Covid. We went to a second store that was also closed due to Covid, so we dropped the return package in the UPS drop box located at 6900 Bardstown Rd. I never knew that you never received the phone until I received a bill for over $1500 that nearly gave me a heart attack. I called the store and was advised that they never received the defective device back in the warehouse, they only showed the new device shipped via fedex. I called the store and was given the UPS # for the return shipping label that the store rep forgot to affix to the box (1z096v4y0622986425) but since it was never placed on the return package, UPS had no way to process the return as the only information on the return package was the FedEx shipment information and my address.

I called UPS to see if maybe the package was still in their dropbox and to explain what happened in hopes that they would have the return device somewhere in their warehouse. They confirmed that my device was not in the UPS dropbox and that other carriers packages get sent to them all the time, so they have a courtesy pile where they contact the local carrier, in this case FedEx, notifying them that they have a package delivered to them in error and needs to be picked up. If the carrier fails to pick up the package, it would have been sold by the truck load along with other misc. lost and found items.

I called FedEx and they opened an investigation to try and locate the device that ended on 9/25/20 and I called Verizon again destraught and basically concluded that after all these years, I would now be forced to go to a competitor. I had an excellent verizon rep named Jayd who calmed all my fears and placed a bill hold on my account until 10/1/20 to give FedEx time to complete their investigation as well as provide Verizon time for review in hopes of reaching a solution. FedEx wasn't able to located the device and now my bill is over $2k. I offered during my conversation with Jayd to return the new phone replace that was shipped to my son that to cancel out the debt for the defective phone as I have paid over half of the cost in monthly installments on top of this was willing to call it a wash. We would then make other arrangements for another phone for our son. I was told to allow Verizon the opportunity to work through eveything first. 

I pay well over $400 monthly for our 6 lines that I'm certain would be cheaper at your competitor but I've remained loyal to Verizon all these years because I happen to both like and prefer Verizon service. I cannot afford to pay you $1500 plus my monthly bill. I will pay my monthly bill but am requesting either the defective device code to be waived or cancel out with the return of the replacement phone. Obviously we do not have the phone in our possession and can do noting with it as it is broken. I'm also sure that you can confirm that it is not in use by us if at all. I need your help and a viable resolution to get caught up and the charges removed. 

Frustrated & Sad Customer,

Nakita Neal

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Re: Defective Return Device Lost
Customer Service Rep

I am shocked to hear the experience you had. I know not everyone has $1500 to spare. I would love to investigate this for you to see if we can find your device. I have sent you a private note. AmberF_VZW