Defective phone replaced with a refurbished defective phone

My new droid turbo was defective and since it was replaced by a refurbished phone that was also defective. I sent that back and you guessed it, I received another refurbished phone that is defective. I've been paying for a service that I cannot use since each phone they send me is defective. I've spent innumerable hours on the phone with tech support each time to verify the phone is defective before returning it. How many times must I do this before I get a phone that works?

I feel particularly ripped off since I paid for a new phone and it only worked for a few weeks. How can I get satisfaction?

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Re: Defective phone replaced with a refurbished defective phone
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Ed95060 -

We want to make sure you have a working device. What difficulites are you having? Are you experiencing the same difficulties with this device as with the previous ones? Please share more details so we can better assist.

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Re: Defective phone replaced with a refurbished defective phone
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This same thing happened to me. I had them send me 4 refurbished phones before I got one that was semi-usable. I got wrong answers at every turn, was sent to stores that could not help me, ridiculous amount of time on the phone with all sorts of customer service. One agent asked me why I just didn't use "another" upgrade that I had on my account. Right, like I'm gonig to use TWO upgrades to get another phone when I should be getting a working phone in the first place. My advice to you is to continue complaining. I know it's a pain but eventually you'll get on the phone with someone smart who can help. The squeaky wheel gets greased. Unfortunate we have to go through this but don't give up. good luck!

Re: Defective phone replaced with a refurbished defective phone
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Exact same thing happened to me. Verizon sent me TWO DEFECTIVE PHONES IN A ROW.

The second defective phone was a disaster. Didn't work from the first ten seconds.

Person on other end of phone call could not hear me speaking.

Then, Verizon loaded this huge amount of hogwash that the phone was given their "100 Point Inspection Plan," and I said "What phone inspection plan misses the two most basic calling features?" -- being able to speak to another person, and to hear that other person.

It was then that I knew Verizon lied, and lied repeatedly, about replacement phones.
In fact, there were so many lies, it really affected my perception of the company.

I had to file an FCC Complaint to get them to do anything differently.