# Dial codes for Battery Usage
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When I was at the Verizon store the tech dialed a # number code and it brought up a screen that showed what apps are draining the battery. What is that code? Ive used the battery usage under the settings but this showed more information.

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Re: # Dial codes for Battery Usage
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Knowing exactly what apps are using your battery life is important. Typically we run a device health check on your phone; however, the tech may have dialed #3424 which initiates a diagnostic test on your phone. It may not work while you are not in a session with a tech support representative. You can run a health check on your phone which will give you a good idea of your battery health by following this link if you are on the New Verizon plan: http://vz.to/2bTQ066 or this link if you are not on current pricing: http://vz.to/297KeMC. How long have you been having battery concerns? What phone model are you using?

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