Disable Edge+ 5G
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Just wondering if anyone has figured out how to disable 5G on an Moto Edge+.

My 5G service is much worse than the former 4G. Slower speeds and fragile connections with 5G. Would be much happier if I could roll back to 4G only.

Have tried changing the network settings to "LTE/CDMA", but that only lasts for a while and then it reverts back to 5G even though the setting stays the same. Same with the other two options, "Global" and "LTE/GSM".

Any ideas on a permanent fix or should I just consider downgrading my phone to something that isn't 5G capable?

Re: Disable Edge+ 5G
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Same issue on the z flip3 but I don't have a setting to only use 4G...sigh.

So I call Verizon and ask if I got a 4G sim card would that solve the problem.  They said yes.

So I went to a Verizon store today and was treated like garbage.  The lady was giving me **** for not wanting 5G although I do want 5G... Real 5G.  Not the horrible system Verizon uses that combines LTE signals and calls that 5G despite it being about 40Mbps slower and a huge drain on the battery because it's constantly searching for 5G!


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