Disappointed experience

I'm hoping this message finds the right person at Verizon.

On Feb 21, we pre-order two of the Samsung s20 ultra

1) 128 gb

1) 521 gb

On Feb 23, the 512gb order was cancelled. Called customer service and spoke to Amanda and reconstructed order for the 512gb....2 hours in the phone.

Today, mar 5th....we received the 128 gb phone and no 512gb.

Called CS, was told the 512 gb was cancelled a second time.

Tried to reorder 512gb, told it wouldn't be available till April 6...

This is totally unacceptable, CS rep had me on phone for another 2hrs and 5 mins....and offered the 112gb....or wait till April 6th...

We've been loyal customers of Verizon for over 13 years....and that's the best they could do...

I'm really disappointed, as I currently have a Google pixel that does not communicate with my adaptive home, as I'm a 100% disabled veteran.

What's even more disappointing....I have as on hold for over an hour...lost connection and never received a call back....also, during original call....I was transferred to another Cs rep and had to tell story over again.

Still no resolution....so disappointed

Eddie...a once loyal customer??