Disounts on upgrade equipment

I currently have 5 lines for my family and we have had the phones paid for for a while now.  Unfortunatly phones are not made to last forever and they need to be replaced again due to storage limitations and battery life not being there anymore.  I see that im eligible for an upgrade on all lines but i dont see what exactly the upgrade is when im being charged full price for the phone plus additional fees for haveing it turned on and access??  I pay hundreds of dollars a month but a billion dollar company cant meet in the middle with any equipment?  Why stay?

Re: Disounts on upgrade equipment
Customer Service Rep

robl13, it is certainly important to make sure you upgrade to the devices you want, with a deal that suits your needs. Below is a link that has all the current promotions. Do you know which devices you are thinking about upgrading to? We want to answer any questions or concerns you may have.