Do not buy any phones

Do not purchase any Verizon phones if you plan to use them on wi-fi only. I have purchased a samsung galaxy a12 from wal-mart to replace my currently used wi-fi phone. Upon turning on the phone they have been setup as ransomware devices only allowing access if you pay more in the form of a plan. Being a veteran who has lost body parts and can't hold a full size tablet to use as a device this is extremely dissapointing. If I had known this before purchase I would have never purchased this phone. Calling to make contact with verizon was no help as all they did was trigger my ptsd and passed me from person to person. I filed a BBB complaint and the problem was not resolved so now I am making others aware who may be in my same postion. There only recourse of action is well if you have another phone or to go buy a new phone.

Re: Do not Buy any phones They are using ransomware
Customer Service Rep

Oh! no we do apologize, We first want to thank you for your service.  Yes our phones are carrier locked for 60 days.  Our unlock policy is here. Now is this  a prepaid phone? If you purchase a 4G Phone-in-a-Box from our retail partners, you should review the back of the box to determine the lock period applicable to that device.

- Jose