Do not disturb silences Emergency Alerts

Last night I had my BlackBerry Priv set to Do Not Disturb, Priority Only. This morning I saw there had been a Flash Flood Warning emergency alert that I had not heard. Testing the "Emergency broadcasts" settings on my phone using "Preview emergency notification" with Do Not Disturb turned off, it was loud. With DND on Priority Only, it was silent.

The Priority Only setting should not silence Emergency Alerts. I should not have to leave Do Not Disturb off, and hear a wrong number at 3 am in order to hear an alert for a Tornado Warning or Flash Flood Warning overnight.

Is this something Verizon can change, or is it part of Android that Google controls?

My Priv is Android 6.0.1, security patch level June 5, 2017.


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Re: Do not disturb silences Emergency Alerts
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You should bring this to the attention of the device manufacturer.

Re: Do not disturb silences Emergency Alerts
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It's very important that you get emergency alerts even when your do not disturb is turned on. Here's the steps to allow those notifications to come through to your device:

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers, or twice using one finger.

2. Tap > Sound and notification > Interruptions.

3. Choose if you are interrupted when you receive a new notification, tap when calls and notifications arrive, then tap allow only priority interruptions.


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Re: Do not disturb silences Emergency Alerts
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Please update this response for Oreo and Pie... things have changed