Does Verizon have executive complaint office most big companies do?
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Takes a lot to get me angry, I am very  laid back and understand that things do happen, but this is beyond a circus 


1- 11/13/2020 I go Pick up the phone I ordered online, I came from AT& T was told the phone is ready to go. 

2-After 1 days I realized something is not right I haven't received any calls or texts 

3- They said there is an issue with porting the number it keeps getting canceled at the end this took another 7 days to complete at the end I had both companies on the phone and told them no one hanging up before this is done a good 2 hour call on that day alone. 

4- I called and explained for a week I haven't been using the phone why should I pay for a service not provided. Verizon "Ok we will credit u 50 dollars great after 1 hour "

5-Bill still  doesn't reflect the credit I  call again and spend another hour and she said within 24/hr u will see the credit 

6-3 days Later still no credit I schedule a callback and he calls me the following day at 5:30 ,on time , and wants me to stay on hold with him to reach that same department, I said I scheduled the call and wrote why im calling so I dont wait can you please speak to them and let me know I cant hold but please call me back, he can see the notes on the account . he promises to call back and he doesn't .

7-They charge me 5 late payment, I am waiting on you to get it together I should charge you Circus fee for this run around anyhow I paid the bill on the 23 got deducted this morning the 28th which is fine now just credit me and dont charge me late fee when I'm waiting on u . 


if I die young with a heart attack Verizon is the reason 


Can someone please help resolve this mystery I'm not asking for a favor I wasn't using the phone while it had no service, so crediting me is the least you can do for the inconvenience and at the end, I solved the problem it needed being  persistent that's all, the information provided was correct the issues was with the porting system it happens, i am so close to go back to AT&T not much patience left and just to sweeten

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Re: Does Verizon have executive complaint office most big companies do?
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Hashoom, We are truly sorry to hear about your overall experience with starting new services with us. We are glad to see that your phone number has ported over successfully. Allow us the opportunity to assist you with moving forward with a resolution. We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you.