Droid 4 Random Shut Off

Throughout my D4's life, it would shut off every now and again randomly - but this was often once a month, and really didn't affect me.  Two days ago, it decided to kick it up a notch: Now, I am at the point it is turning off faster than it takes to boot up. 

No, it is not the battery, because it stayed on all night last night, by some miracle, then I go to interact with my morning alarm, and it dies.  It COULD be a loose battery, but it is an internal battery, so I am thinking this is low on the totem pole of possible issues.

I am attempting to do a factory reset, but the phone will not stay on long enough for me to actually navigate to the factory reset option and select it...

Is there anyway I can perform a reset without the phone being on?  At this point, it spends more time off than on - it is unusable.

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