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Droid Turbo Advanced Calling Nightmare

A while back I bought a Droid Turbo at the advice of the sales rep and after doing a light amount of research on the phone. After about a weeks worth of use it slowly started to have all sorts of issues. Within the 14 days a Verizon tech advised me to replace the phone and the SIM card hoping it would resolve all of the issues (dropped calls, not receiving calls/texts, media volume issues, the list goes on and on). When this did not fix the problem the next rep I spoke with indicated these problems are caused by HD Calling and that I should turn it off. Little did I know that this would result in not being able to use talk and data at the same time. Long story short, I am at the point where there doesn't seem to be any resolution to fixing HD Calling on the phone without getting any of the problems that go along with it. I'm actually ok not having HD Calling but simultaneous voice and data was a selling point by the rep and the reason I got this phone. I'm stuck with a 2 month old phone now, Verizon refuses to allow me to swap it for a different model, and the false pretense of this phone providing Verizon quality and features is by no means an ethical or empathetic way to treat any customer. What they should have done was given me the factual information about the issues with this phone and HD Calling so that I could have made an informed decision. All of these problems are well known.

So the question is - first, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix HD Calling and second, to Verizon - what are you going to do about this?

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Re: Droid Turbo Advanced Calling Nightmare

Not sure whose idea it was to eliminate dual radios in phones, other than maybe a cost cutting issue??? If so, it certainly was a bad move as most newer phones have to rely on the less reliable LTE network for voice calls. (If one wants to surf & talk) The real sad story is NONE of these phones are as loud or clear as my good ole CDMA flip phone. I guess traditional phone calls are not a priority any more for many.

I unfortunately started with that same Droid Turbo & couldn't stand the muffled sound/ low volume of voice calls & luckily was able return it for a 2014 Moto X. (minus $35.00 re-stock fee) It would be nice to see the carriers extend the return window to at least 30 days as 14 days just is barely enough time to make a sound decision.

Re: Droid Turbo Advanced Calling Nightmare

. . . . . was able return it for a 2014 Moto X.

The Moto x is now my spare phone as the REAL phone I wanted was no longer available for sale at Verizon stores. I had to go back to a 2013 model from E-bay to move forward. Too bad phones like the Droid Maxx aren't available to buy as new who just want the basics & don't need all the supposed new & improved bells & whistles.

-Dual radios

-Very loud call volume, though still not quite flip phone quality

-VoLTE -easy to toggle on & off IF needed

-Killer CDMA reception-Only dropped 1 call so far 3 floors underground in parking garage

-Killer battery-3 to 4 days between charges

-Perfect size (for me anyway)

-32 gb storage

Re: Droid Turbo Advanced Calling Nightmare

Advanced calling really shouldn't cause all the issues you were having, except for maybe dropped calls and not receiving calls. Did these problems only happen at home, or did they happen everywhere? What type of phone case are you using, if any? Is your phones software fully up to date?

What do you mean by dual radios by the way, digitalrules? My samsung galaxy s6 can still make standard 1x calls, as well as VoLTE. Unless newer phones can't do 1x calls, which I would be shocked to hear since LTE coverage isn't everywhere.

Re: Droid Turbo Advanced Calling Nightmare

apexi055 wrote:

What do you mean by dual radios by the way, digitalrules?

Many pre 2014 phones have dual radios that facilitate simultaneous talking & surfing. Newer models require VoLTE or Advanced Calling to be engaged to surf & talk.

Re: Droid Turbo Advanced Calling Nightmare

Apexi055, I was surprised as well but I have repeatedly shut HD Calling on

and off to test the theory and it definitely shows to be related to HD

Calling.I have all of the updated software and it happens anywhere I am,

location doesn't make it better or worse. The only thing I haven't done yet

is to do a factory reset. Verizon also claimed it could be due to having

CleanMaster and WhatsApp installed, which I highly doubt is the case. Maybe

I should just try the factory reset...hate to do so but options are very


I have to say Verizon support has been very disappointing. I've talked to 4

different reps and each exhibit the same stock corporate behavior. The flow

of the conversation goes something like this:

1.) We want to do what we can to make this issue go away so you can enjoy

your new Verizon phone (very enthusiastic and determined start)

2.) Let's try this (we then proceed to try fix it by going through various

settings and in parallel they look at my account and try to

activate/deactivate features. This is the trial and error step).

3.) Let me open up a bug with Motorola. (This is the "not my problem" step.

My normal response is yes it is your problem because you are selling a

phone with the Verizon brand, logo, and software installed on it.)

4.) You're on your own. But I have a deal for you. I can give you a credit

towards buying a new phone. My response is how on earth is that a solution

when my phone is 2 months old. Losing several hundred dollars to buy a new

phone is called a "solution"? (This is the part when they basically tell me

that I'm on my own).

Great job Verizon. Oh and in response to your now famous question "can you

hear me now?" my answer is "why no, no I can't"....