Dropped Calls

I have an LG Revere3 and I know it's not top of the line. I don't care. I don't text or use it for email or for internet. It's a phone. I recently moved into a new house and had Verizon FiOS installed. Since that date, my Verizon Wireless service at the house has been NIL HRD. "Call Was Lost" is the message I receive. Obviously, the WiFi signal from the FiOS installation blows out the Wireless signal from the closest tower. Doesn't happen at work (Dominion Energy). But at home, it's NIL HRD. What to do?

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Re: Dropped Calls
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It’s important that you’re able to successfully make and receive calls at all times, especially in and around your home. I’m sorry if this hasn’t been your experience with your calls in your home lately. I’d love to assist.


How often do you drop calls? How long after you make or receive a call does it drop? Can you test your calls while standing outdoors at your home, and let me know if your phone still drops calls?