Dropped everything . Need service

Motorola one ace.  

Dropped calls. 

Texts are hit and miss 

Data is slow if at all. Constant check connection error. One will load after 30 tries then drop me even with bars 3/4. 

The one that gets me this moment. Did all the troubleshoot said. Reset took out restart etc. 

After restart now verizon says my password is wrong. 

It takes me hours to even get on verizon. Now i have to reset my password. That should take a month . 

Nothing fixed my issue. 

I did get more gray hair . 

Seriously guys. Im on a family thing. My dad has given me full access to account 17 times this year alone . 

Nothing works . I dont have money to buy things to get the service we pay for. 

This is second time in a years time its impossible for me to use my phone . 

Im supposed to be helping moving horses out of the mckinny fires way.  But i can not get my instructions with my service.  I need it fixed now .  This is life or death ! 

I am so disappointed. 

Im in central point oregon . 

Moto one ace 

Have tried everything 

Its not me its your service. Phone is a couple months old. 

5g start plan is what it says in manage plan . 

Please im supposed to be helping. 

Not stuck with support










Re: Dropped everything . Need service
Customer Service Rep

Ottbdream, we are concerned to hear you are having issues with your service and are happy to assist in anyway possible. Please respond to the Private Note.