Duped by a Verzion Store that was a Third Party Seller

That started the current sage on 04/18/2017.   Had problems with the phone and went to my local Verizon store in January 2018 and was told they did not warranty it, it was sold by a Third Party Seller.   I told them it was a Verizon store... apparently the Third Party Seller/Premium Retailer....can sell old or out of date? phones  that the regular stores do not carry.   I had a life lesson that day to the tune of $600.00.   My only option for a phone that didnt work was to pay $149 deductible and get a replacement.     So we are up to now...749.00 for an older model phone that was on the Verizon website trade in price was...$17.00.   YES...MY PHONE THAT I STILL OWE $300.00 ON HAS A TRADE IN VALUE OF SEVENTEEN DOLLARS... IN LESS THAN A YEAR AFTER I BOUGHT IT....

Here we are in March....replacement of January has now gone DEAD on the charger.   Called Asurion and they asked me about a sticker in the first replacement...which did not have one...and the gentleman I was talking to seemed surprised there was not a certain sticker.    They immediately sent me another replacement phone, which I received in one day.  ( Thank you Asurion!!).   

I am soooo fed up with Verizon ... this Third Party/Premium Retailer RIP OFF...and having seriously overpaid for my phone...and as far as I can see...am STUCK with...until its paid off...   I have been a loyal Verizon customer since it was Houston Cellular...but this is it... I am done.

If anyone in Customer Service has a lemon law, fraudulent form I can fill out for this LG G4... please send it to me.  I feel I'm due a prorated refund for the value of this phone as of 4/18/2017 because it certainly has not been worth the $600.00 I was charged.

Thank you


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