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The state of New Mexico will be going to 10 digit dialing in October.  So if I want to call my husband in the next room I will have to dial the area code.  All of my information/data/etc was transferred from my old phone to my new LG G8.  For some reason many of my contacts do not have the edit button so I am unable to edit them on my phone.  I made all the changes in the Verizon Cloud.  Not knowing enough about this "high in the sky technology" (unable to get a good Google answer either), does the Cloud sync back to the phone?  If not, how in the heck do I edit my contacts?  I would like not to delete about 300 of them just to reenter them with the stupid area code.  Uggggh!!!!

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Hello AVONLADY52, we know how inconvenient having to change your contacts can be, and we're here to help! Adding the area code through the Verizon Cloud is definitely a good idea. The Cloud will update your contacts, so you don't have to worry about that. ~Baldo