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I have a Moto E4 Plus and every so often, my emails will start automatic deleting. Mostly those in my trash. I have everything set to ask before deleting, but it never does. Just this morning, i opened up an email, but decided to look into it later when i got to work.

before i could even go to work, i went back to the email and it was still there, but just a couple of seconds later it went to trash and when i opened up the trash, everything in there, one by one was deleting. i couldn't find it anywhere then. What can i do. My husband has the same kind of phone and hes stays there until he deletes them. It is not like i have hundreds of email. May 7 or 8.

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Re: Email disappeariong

your email accounts are "imap" & anything deleted on one will be deleted on all devices with the same account.

remove the account  setup manually as a "pop3" account.

Re: Email disappeariong
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That would be concerning to myself as well, wiregirl52. As bearone21 mentioned that certain types of email accounts will act this way if someone deletes a message on one platform, it will get deleted across all. Can you tell us more about this email account? Are you the only one with access to this email account? Do you notice the same behavior online with your computer?


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