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The radio personality Clark Howard mentioned on his website under the article "How to stop robocalls for good" (posted January 25, 2019) that Verizon will have a FREE robocall blocking product starting in March 2019. I have not seen anything mentioned on Verizon's website nor on advertising commercials. Has anyone seen any information on this new phone feature? When will we see this product on our phones?

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Yeah, Verizon has a "free" Call Filter but it doesn't really do anything.  I've installed on my iPhone and deleted it three times since VZW made it "free" (but you still get their marketing for 2.99/mo).  I keep hoping after 3 months, Verizon might improve the app but no such luck.

It catches about 1 out of 20 calls and marks them as Potential Spam, but the majority of the fake spoofed numbers still come right on through.  I've received 4 already today and it's only 3 pm.

Verizon's online documentation for the Call Filter describes how to report a "spam" robocall but it doesn't work either, pops up a message saying you're not subscribed for that feature ( 2.99/mo?).

So if the "free" version stops only 5% of robocalls and the product can't get better since users can't contribute to the robocall database (not to mention poor documentation), what's the point?