Flip3 horrible 5G nonsense and a rude employee
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Horrible 5G is killing my battery and is slow as dirt but I don't have a setting to only use 4G...sigh.

So I chat with a Verizon rep and ask if I got a 4G sim card would that solve the problem.  They said yes.

So I went to a Verizon store today and was treated like garbage.  The lady was giving me **** for not wanting 5G although I do want 5G... Consistent 5G, fast 5G not 3Mbps. 

Plus it's a battery drain on a phone that already has less than stellar battery life,  a huge drain actually because it's constantly searching for 5G!  I went through the same thing when 4G was new and phones constantly searched for it and it chewed up batteries.


There has to be a way to fix this.  Oh and best of all the new ”4G" sim card has actually made my signal significantly worse somehow.  so I'm going to need to go back and get a "5G" sim again because that's the only difference and now I don't have service at home and I've always had full bars here.

This is a nightmare.  If only we could root... I'd have this fixed in a few min tops with root.