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Starting with yesterday, I have been getting a message that pops up stating I have a "Four Virus".  Is this something to be concerned about or is there something I need to do?

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Did you install any new apps yesterday before this message started to pop up? I would run the Verizon Security app to see if you really do have any viruses on your phone. Sometimes an app will pop up and say you have a virus to get you too install an app that they are promoting. You can also get Norton antivirus program to do a full in depth scan of your phone. I had to get it when my weather app that came with the phone kept going to a website that was not trusted and said something about a virus when I wanted it to show me the radar. It blocked chrome from going to this page and I have not had this problem for awhile now. I still have it on my phone but I disable it so it does not use up my battery but still have it on the phone in case I need it again.


might be from sites you're visiting!!

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Getting this message can be very scary Rlbillington. Kathy65793 did have some relevant questions. Did you install anything recently? Have you been able to run the Verizon Security app? What is the make/model of your device? Where does this error pop up at?

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